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Hosts: Antoine Cook & Tanya Saldana

An upbeat Christian Internet Radio show that explores topics such as the Word of God, Love, Intimacy and Sex to help build sustainable enjoyable Godly relationships. We’re regular people who dare to talk about what you’re thinking. Rated GF-Grown Folks

1 hour show, Airs: Thursdays 8:00 pm (pacific)

Happily married since October 16, 1999, Antoine and Tanya have made their home in Southern California.  

Antoine works for AARP as the Associate State Director for Volunteerism.  He is a Deacon and H.A.N.D. (Helping at New Day) Team Lead at New Day Christian Fellowship in Corona, CA.  He is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic and when he's not watching sports, he loves spending time with his wife, Tanya. 
Tanya is a published author, a playwright, and works as a Public Health Nutritionist.  She is also the Drama Team Lead at New Day Christian Fellowship in Corona, CA. She loves spending time with her husband, Antoine.
The foundation of their marriage is Jesus and they find it absolutely necessary to honor God in their marriage.
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