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Host: Thomas Russell and co host DJ Rome

Thomas E. Russell known as T.E.Russ from Los Angeles by the way of North Tulsa, Oklahoma is currently a school psychologist for Inner City Schools of Los Angeles and San Bernardino for 17 years and therapist specializing in At-Risk youth. Russell is an advocate and motivational speaker for the nations of all the inner city children. Prior Military Signal Combat Soldier discharged from the United States Army. Russell fell prey to the streets after the military and adopted a mentality of  street protection (marital arts) and became gang affiliated  along with his younger brothers and sister in Los Angeles. At age 29 he decided to complete college because of the understanding of Black Male self-hatred and adopted education as his way out. He holds Bachelors degree in Human Services, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy(Clinical Psychology), Masters in School Psychology, Masters in Educational Administration, and is currently a Doctoral Student in Educational Psychology.

Rome DeVase known as DJ Rome from Los Angeles is a current school psychologist for the Bay area of California. Of his 20 years plus experience working with children in the field of education, he has spent his time working both in Northern and Southern California. Rome has counseled children within the affluent areas to the inner city areas of Los Angeles.  He is specific to the Black male perspective and specializes in behavior management. Rome is embarking on obtaining a second language in Spanish and becoming a Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. He holds a Bachelors in Pan  African Studies and Masters in School Psychology.

Airs: Thursday 6:00 pm PT 

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