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Host: Michael Kent

Michael Kent came from humble beginnings, in what once the toughest town in America; Detroit, Michigan. Born to a single mom, before it was fashionable, Michael was born with two strikes. He confesses that his grandfather taking him fishing, most summer weekends, probably kept him alive to tell his tales.
          Math, and the Viet Nam war, saved him from those mean streets, just before the dying started amongst his friends at home. But not before he picked up he picked strike three; a heroin habit at age fourteen.
          In all this, Kent overcame odds would down a charging lion. He went on to become a soldier, an academic scholar, a Marshall Arts instructor, a pilot, an aerospace engineer and astronaut candidate. And on the softer side, a husband, a father, a bible scholar, and an acclaimed author.
          Forged in the fires of hell, and quenched in the Holy Spirit, Michael Kent conveys the joys and pains of life in works that reveal his soul to his readers. He has lived his genre; Christian/Sci-fi-Horror/Action-Adventure. The natural byproducts are tall tales anchored in scientific reality and biblical doctrine.
          Michael is married, with ten grown children and a dog named Blue

1/2  hour show, Airs: Thursday @ 8:00 pm & Sundays at 6:30 pm.  (pacific)








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